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Arlington’s #1 rug and carpet cleaning team is ABC Carpet Cleaning. We work fast, price jobs fairly, and never delay your cleaning job. Call our experienced and affordable rug and carpet cleaning specialists to bring dingy, dirty or dulling rugs, curtains and upholstery back to life fast!

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Seasoned. Skilled. Straightforward.

Seasoned. Our experts have spent decades perfecting the art of rug and carpet restoration. We’ve seen it all and cleaned it all!

Skilled. We’re not happy unless you are fully confident that every detail is perfect. We work fast, but never miss a spot!

Straightforward. We offer full guarantees and open, honest communication. No hidden fees, unexpected billings, or unnecessary work, ever!

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Scheduling your carpet cleaning job with ABC Carpet and Rug Cleaning Arlington couldn’t be simpler: Call our team for a FREE consultation; we’ll arrive on scene for a FREE estimate on your job; and we’ll schedule time to come pick up your piece for FREE soon after.

You’re done! Let us take it from here.
Our crew of cleaning technicians will hand-wash every item of yours using non-toxic, envi-ronmentally friendly cleaning products. No matter the scope or stain, just let us handle eve-rything and deliver your piece directly to your door.

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Along with traditional rug and carpet cleaning, we offer a host of additional cleaning services for home and business owners all over Arlington:

Water Damage Restoration

Don’t let leakage or flooding threaten your carpets and floors for good! Our carpet cleaners can employ intricate drying and repair tactics to mitigate water damage and restore your fabrics back to brand new.

Upholstery Cleaning

Rugs are just the beginning! Our experts can reverse stains or dulling of any upholstery and make your furniture pop just like brand new! We can handle all types of upholstery fabric on any type of piece.

Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs are often the highlight of a room — let’s keep them pristine! We can tackle any issues with your area rugs here in Arlington and make sure that your carpets always add value to your home.

Curtain Cleaning

Whether you have visible stains or just need to restore that shine that caught your eye in the first place, we can give your curtains the revamp they need. We clean all sizes and materials of curtains.

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